How To Choose The Right Type Of Pheromones Cologne

Pheromones are simply natural chemical scents that are used by animals to communicate their intention about things that they want to be done. There are so many of this chemical scents, some might be for alarming about danger, for food trails and the most popular is for sexual interest. In most mammals it is usually because of sexual interest that pheromones are used. This is to indicate to the opposite sex that they are interested in mating. For the folks that are a staunch believer of love at first sight, let me inform you that these sexual attractants are usually what is involved in making the opposite sex very attractive to you. In human the receptor of these scents is located in the noses so it airborne.

Scientists know for a fact that pheromones that are in the scent of every human being play a vital role in the sexual attraction process. These substances are a very vital element when it comes to gaining the sexual interest of the opposite sex. There are now colognes that contain these natural sexual attractants in scented and unscented forms. There are so many single men and women that use them as a way to gain an extra edge when it comes to meeting the opposite sex for intercourse and dating.

Even married couples now use pheromones cologne and perfume. This is because they want to add some spice to their sex lives and relationships instead of letting it go stale. This is why companies constantly put huge efforts to keep improving the efficacy of the natural sexual attractants in form of cologne and perfume. They keep pushing the limit to make a mix that would make any man (or woman) that uses their product extremely irresistible to the opposite sex. This is like a scientific love potion that we hear of in fantasy novels and movies. It is also astonishing to know that most people usually choose sex partners that have scents that are completely different from their own scents, which is how nature designed us to prevent in-breeding.

The stronger your pheromones scent is the higher your sexual appeal is. This is why so many men have formed the habit of constantly using pheromones colognes so that even when they are not feel so dominant their body still oozes sexual appeal. Our daily hygiene also disrupts the normal process of our natural sexual attractants - when we use scented soaps and shampoos we are only masking our sex appeal. There are so many options when you want to get cologne that includes pheromones in it but you should only go for the high quality brands like Nexus pheromones. Products that contain pheromones usually contain a substance that is called Androstenone which gives you that dominant and aggressive aura that women love because it gives them that feeling that you are in charge - it is this that contributes to a man’s sexual appeal.

If you like you could be a little creative and get pheromones and mix it with your current cologne so that you get the effect but you still smell the way you love to smell. You can buy nexus pheromones on their website @ and I would like you to watch this video to know more about this amazing product.


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