Act Fast Because Hair Loss Is Usually Continuous

For men that are over 50 years, hair loss is usually a common sight. If you happen to be over 50 and you have not yet experienced this then you must be very lucky. In the U.S, estimates suggest that 70% of men above the age of 50 years have balding to some degree. There are usually varied causes of this and they include: stress, poor blood circulation, poor nutrition, androgen hormones, genetics, blood pressure drugs, chemotherapy drugs and diseases like cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems or autoimmune disorders like lupus. Actually there are so many factors that can cause hair thinning and baldness, in so many cases it is usually a combination of a few factors also.

So knowing about the factors that cause this problem is actually good since it allows to be able to isolate the exact cause of the problem so that we can either remove it completely or find a way to reduce its effect on the hair. The moment you can do this, you would realize that you hair would begin to grow back after a few months, you should also be fully aware that hair usually takes 2 months to grow by an inch - this means that it would take some time for your hair to be full again.

However when it comes to most men’s hair loss situation there is usually one factor that is usually responsible for the condition and I am referring to male pattern baldness (scientifically known as androgenetic alopecia). This condition is actually genetic and is transmitted by the androgen hormone - dihydrotestosterone. In some cases it can begin in late teenage years or early twenties (take Manchester United striker - Wayne Rooney and the grandson of Queen Elizabeth - Prince Williams as popular examples.)

This condition is a very tricky to deal with owing the amount of hair follicles that are estimated to be about 100,000 on the scalp. So just imagine that one tree falls in the heart of the Jungle no one really knows and gives a damn. Gradually when so many trees start falling, we would see an obvious area that shows that there is a problem in the Jungle. This is similar to what happens with male pattern baldness.

The manner in which male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia reveals itself is very knowable. In most cases this kind of men’s hair loss usually begins at the corners of the fore head or on top of the head towards the back. For some men they only lose small amount of hair either by having a receding hair line or just a little bald patch on the crown of their head. While for some men that their balding problem began when they were in their 20s usually lose all the hair on the top of their head and only get to keep the hair by the side and back of their scalp. Although this whole 40% hair retention does not look so significant at all, it is very vital if you would be thinking of undergoing any hair transplant later on in life. What this means is that no matter how much of your hair that you have lost, you need to do what it takes to protect what is left.

So what is a man to do? Men’s hair loss is a bit tasking as it usually includes androgen hormones and heredity. If the reason for your hair loss is male pattern baldness, then for you to reverse it or at least slow it down then you need to use a treatment that is proactive. Presently there are so many hair re-growth products that are in the market that is specially made to tackle this problem. High quality products like Profollica contains FDA approved ingredients that have been tested as being effective in blocking dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and also in triggering the scalp to rejuvenate its dead hair follicles so that they can become functional again. There are some hair re-growth products that are actually preventive in nature so it means you can use them before your hair loss becomes serious or you can use them when the bald spots are very obvious for everyone to see. What is very vital is that you are proactive about dealing with your balding problem because it is much easier to retain your hair when it has just started thinning than to re-grow it when the hair is all gone.

Click Here for a short video clip about an amazing men’s hair loss product that I just researched on. It can give you the results that you desire which is a full hair on your head. It is affordable and comes with no side effects. Watch it below:

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