How Effective Is Chemical Peels As A Scar Treatment?

Are you aware of the simple fact that there are over 60 million Americans that are currently being afflicted by the skin disorder known as acne? And approximately 20 million out of the 60 million have the type of acne that causes ugly scarring. If you are like most acne sufferers, then I am sure you might have tried so many over-the-counter medications to deal with your acne but these products don’t really tackle the scars left behind. In so many cases acne scarring can become permanent and this affects the self-confidence of the individuals.

In so many situations, removing acne scars is a trial and error endeavor. What this means is that if after using over-the-counter medications, you don’t see visible results, you can try the chemical peels procedure. This particular treatment options have been used successfully by dermatologists and estheticians for removing blemishes, fine lines, acne scars and other types of scars.

In some cases you can even apply the chemical peels right in your living room and get noticeable results. There are different types to choose from based on your skin and knowledge about scar treatments. Usually they have a range of 8% to 50% in concentration levels. Basically, the higher the concentration levels them more in depth results that you get. However concentration levels above 50% are not for meant for home use!

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid

This kind of chemical peels gives you a lighter result. And they include tartaric, glycolic and lactic acid peels. This type is not really that strong and in most cases, you would need to apply it several times to get your desired results. It is used to fade away acne scars, treat areas that are very dry and to get rid of dead skin cells.

Beta Hydroxyl Acid

This kind of peel is far more effective than the previous one listed. An example of this peel is the popular Salicylic acid which is used to deal with acne, control oily skin and remove dead skin cells.

Jessner Chemical Peels

This particular one is used to deal with acne and acne related problems like pimples but are not meant for scarring. It is made up of a mix of resorcinol, lactic acid with an ethanol base and 14% salicylic acid. In some cases TCA peels (which would be discussed next) are used with Jessner peels to help in getting a deeper peal and to deal with scars. Also in some situations Retinoic peels are used after Jessner peels in place of TCA peels and are also used to fade away scars and remove wrinkles.

TCA (Trichlroacetic Acid) Peels

TCA or trichloroacetic acid peels are stronger than those previously listed. This type is used to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, fade away blemishes and deal with other pigmentation problems. Even though TCA peels are the more effective than the previous ones, you would still have to undergo multiple treatments to get the perfect results. Sadly when it comes to the other benefits (excluding removing scars), the results are not permanent as it only lasts for a 6 months period.

Phenol Peels

Phenol peels are the strongest chemical peels that are currently available. They can penetrate into the epidermis and dermis after just 15 seconds of application. The results they give can results that last as long as 20 years! Phenol peels are basically used to deal with difficult skin problems like freckles, deep wrinkles, acne and blemishes that were caused by sun damage.

If you have dark skin, then you should not use this type of chemical peel, because it can lighten your skin and affect its ability to produce pigment. Any skin that has been treated with Phenol chemical peel must be covered from the sun for life by using sunscreen/block of 30 SPF.

In some instances, you do not might not need to use chemical peels as a way to remove your acne scars. A product like Dermefface FX7 made by Skinception can help in gradually fading away stubborn acne scars. This product contains effective ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Check out this clip for more information about Dermefface FX7.

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