Have You Tried Argan Oil? - Wonder Oil Hair Treatment From Morocco

If you have brittle or dry hair then I am sure you must have been in search of a way to moisturize and add volume naturally to your hair. It seems Argan oil has become the latest buzz in hair treatment.

Argan oil can only be grown in Morocco and it is natural and organic (as long as it is not adulterated). The oil is produced by crushing the nuts and fruits of the Argan tree (which is endemic to Morocco). For centuries now, those smart Moroccans have been using this amazing oil for centuries to treat their hair and keep their skins radiant and clear. Further study on the oil have revealed that it is high in unsaturated fatty acids and very rich in Omega 9, which has been know previously that it helps in improving hair health and strength.

Amazingly Argan oil is non-oily and non-greasy and this is why it is has become on overnight sensation in hair treatment to help in repairing and healing damaged hair. There are so many women that testify of its ability to lock in moisture in their hair and improve shine and luster.

The number one benefit of this oil is its natural ability to hydrate the hair and assist in stopping frizziness, fly-away and hard to control hair that have become manageable. Just like the ever popular Jojoba oil that is gotten from shrubs in the mid-western parts of U.S. Argan oil has been known to increase nourishment of the hair and also improve follicle elasticity almost overnight.

It you want to detangle your hair after shampooing it, then always apply Argan oil when it is still wet. One reason why this oil has so many benefits is because it is very rich in natural antioxidants (which have been known to be very effective in fighting free-radicals) which help to repair cellular membrane damage and improve strength. This Moroccan oil is also very rich in vitamin E and this helps in renewing and reviving hair that has been damaged by processing, heat, oxidization, over-styling and wind.

All these are why this oil has been given the phrase - the miracle oil from Morocco! You can use it in combination with the well known Jojoba oil and you would be amazed at its effectiveness as an hair treatment that replenishes and re-nourishes brittle or dry hair at the same time also healing and protecting the hair from damage. Argan oil also has the extra benefit of helping color treated hair. This is all because of the essential fatty acids in it that coats and smoothen the follicle shaft and this helps in extending the life span of the color treated hair immensely.

So many professional stylists are beginning to use Argan oil as their preferred hair treatment for their customers especially when they discover that their hair has damage from too much styling or perms. Even in situation where the damage was caused by the environment (weather) that left their customers hair weak and dry, they still use this special oil to speed up hair growth and reduce frizziness. So now your search for an effective natural hair treatment is finally over!

If you are going to use this wonder oil, then make sure that you go for one that is 100% pure and organic. There are just a few that meet those requirements. Skinception Argan oil is one of them. It is made by the Skinception brand of products and they sell only 100% pure organic Argan oil. Here is a short video about this amazing Moroccan oil that I found on one of those video sharing sites.


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