7 Easy Ways To Fade Eye Wrinkles Away From Your Face

The skin around your eyes is very thing and this is why it is usually the first to start revealing wrinkles. The thing is eye wrinkles can become noticeable at any age. And they come faster if you are the type of person that is always in the sun or you have considerable sun damage.

How To Prevent Eye Wrinkles

1.) Too Much Exposure To The Sun Can Cause Eye Wrinkles: If you want to prevent eye wrinkles from occurring in the first place, then your need to make sure that you put and adequate amount of sunscreen on your body (and face especially the areas around your eyes) before you go outside. By doing this you would be shielding your skin from the harmful Ultraviolet rays (which cause skin cancer) that emanate from the sun and you would be preventing eye wrinkles from forming. A natural sunscreen that you can use is Argan oil.

2.) Drink Lots Of Water Daily: A natural way to reduce and even wipe away your eye wrinkles naturally is by drinking lots of water daily. Please coffee, tea and sodas do not count as water - stay away from those drinks! When you are consuming and adequate amount of water, you are hydrating your skin cells and you would be keeping your skin firm, supple and lush. Inadequate consumption of water causes your skin to be dry and this is what contributes to wrinkles showing up earlier than normal. I want you to imagine the cracks in the desert when there has been no rain for months. Try aiming to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

3.) Eat Lots Of Fruits That Contain Water: I know that drinking water is a bit difficult for some folks. However you can still maintain you water and keep your skin healthy and hydrated by consuming lots of fruits. Go for fruits that have lots of water in them like: oranges, grapes and watermelon. These ones are very good in keeping your skin hydrated.

4.) Use Cucumber To Reduce Puffiness: I am sure you must have heard or seen this one be used somewhere. Cucumber is a fruit that so many spas use in helping their customers reduce eye wrinkles. All you have to do is cut two pieces of cucumber and put them on your eyes for an hour and this is very effective in reducing swelling. When you reduce puffiness, it tends to relax the facial muscles around the eyes and this relaxed muscles means that your wrinkles gradually reduce and are no longer pronounced.

5.) Eggs Are Not Only For Scrambling, Poaching Or Frying: Eggs are a good source of protein when eating. However eggs are also very good in dealing with eye wrinkles. The part of egg that you would be using for treating eye wrinkles is the white. Egg whites are very effective in tightening the skin around the eyes and this would help in reducing the presence of wrinkles there. Just place egg whites on the wrinkled areas around your eyes and lie down for an hour after then you can wash off with lukewarm water.

6.) Exhaustion Circles Are NOT Sexy: One very common sense way that you can make your skin more beautiful and wipe away so many unnecessary wrinkles and fine lines on your face is by getting an adequate amount of sleep at night. When you do not get the proper amount of sleep every night, it affects your health and it also causes skin premature aging which would reveal itself in lots of wrinkles.

7.) Make Use Of A High Quality Anti-Aging Cream To Remove The Eye Wrinkles: All the tips that I listed just now are very effective in dealing with eye wrinkles, however you might have to wait for months before you begin seeing noticeable results. You don’t have to wait that long when using a high quality anti-aging cream. A product like Eyelasticity would help you in minimizing and even eliminating those eye wrinkles on your face. This is because like the few high-quality products that are sold in the market today, it contains very effective ingredients that "feed" your skin and help it stay healthy which would make it firm, tight and supple.

I know you might want more information before you decide to get Eyelasticity, this is why I have included this video to show you more on what this breathtaking cream can do in help you fading away those eye wrinkles from your face. Watch the product video below or click the link to go to the Youtube page to watch.


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